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Optical Fiber Technology Micro Optical Components

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Since 2004, Lovalite offers a range of services for nanotechnologies and micro optics. Our team of doctors and engineers offers innovative solutions to your problems. Our tailor-made creations are adapted to the particular needs of your application.
Our clients are, for one, major research centers such as CEA (France), EPFL (Switzerland), KTH (Sweden), Seoul University (Korea), ....
and on the other hand large French and international groups around the world.

Whatever your size or your place, we will answer quickly to your request and we will help with our expertise.



Since 2004, Lovalite offers a range of products adapted to your needs for nanotechnologies and micro optics:

nanotechnology and micro optics
Components and micro-optical modules,
Optical fiber, micro lenses, micro tips, ...
Microscopes, AFM, SNOM, ...
Optical fiber interconnection, networks ....

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